REVIEW: Rido Rlt saddle

rido rlt 1


Ever suffered from discomfort in the saddle? Well it’s a safe bet that most cyclists have at some time felt uncomfortable during a ride and whilst this could be down to any number of things, saddle shape/size is undoubtedly one of the main reasons. The RLT saddle from Rido challenges the way we look at saddle design and they claim they have designed it to relieve pressure on the perineal area, which those of you in the know will understand is a key factor in comfort.

So what did we think of it in test?

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REVIEW: Shutt Velo Rapide Performance Jacket

shutt Performance Jacket


A good winter jacket is one of those things that every self respecting cyclist should own. Even if it’s just to give the illusion that you go out when the weather turns bad and in reality never gets an outing! For those that do venture out in less than ideal conditions your jacket is perhaps the most important bit of clothing, and as such everyone has their own preference for the varying degrees of freezingness with some preferring plenty of thin layers and others opting for thicker and fewer.


Next up for review is the all new Performance Jacket from Shutt Velo Rapide, and this is firmly aimed at those preferring a thick bombproof outer layer for maximum protection.


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REVIEW: Rapha Pro Team Jacket

Rapha pro team image


Billed as a jacket for high tempo riding during the colder months it’s safe to say that the new Pro Team Jacket from Rapha is designed for quite a niche area of the cycle clothing market, and perhaps one that most of us don’t usually bother catering for. So when the package arrived at HQ we were very interested to see where it fits in for the average club rider and indeed if it’s really just a marketing exercise to sell more clothes.


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