Fat Lad at The Back – Jersey Review

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Cycling clothing style is a very subjective thing and it only takes a quick scan down the peloton of your local Sunday club run to verify this. There are those who adorn nothing but the most stylish and simplistic apparel, right up to those who prefer the brightest and most garish offerings and everything in between. There are even those who prefer everything to be luminous but let’s leave those guys to one side for now.


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Great cafe just outside Harrogate

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With the TdF frenzy reaching fever pitch here in North Yorkshire, many businesses are pricking up their ears and taking note of the increase in cyclists on our glorious roads.  There are a few of these businesses that have really done their homework and know what will appeal to the cycling community.  At the end of  a modest 40 mile ride, on a sunny – but incredibly windy day, we stumbled across just such a business, nestled in the picturesque village of Hampsthwaite situated in the heart of Nidderdale countryside near Harrogate.

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Wolds 123 sportive Recce



As we’ve mentioned before, 2014 is apparently the year of the sportive with more than twice the amount of last year in and around North Yorkshire alone. Rather strangely this has coincided with a cut back in entered events for me personally as my focus has been on a more relaxed cycling schedule and just ‘getting out and enjoying a ride’  a bit more. One event however that has really appealed to me since first hearing about it is the inaugural Wolds 123 sportive organised by the guys over at Baldwin Titantium bikes.

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