REVIEW: Multipower Fruit Power bars



Let’s face it, whilst we are all too happy to spend thousands each year on bike related stuff that really has little to no impact on a Sunday club run or sportive, the one area that promises the biggest performance gain – Nutrition, is still often the most overlooked. We’ve all been guilty of stuffing our pockets with whatever we have available at home or simply going for whatever energy bars the local bike shop sells without any real consideration or testing to make sure it’s what our bodies actually need. After all, we are all different and just as we all have our preference with regards to bikes and kit, our bodies naturally have a preference to certain foods and we owe it to ourselves to find what’s best for us.

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RIDE REVIEW -The Wolds 123

wolds image


Let’s start this ride report at the end. Why? Well I’d say the last few miles of the Wolds 123 are just about as good as it gets for a sportive ending. The mild tail wind flattering us a little but the steady inclines do nothing to reduce us to anything below 20mph and with two separate sections that have no trouble spitting you out at well over 40mph, this is a great end to a great day in the saddle.

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