REVIEW: Shutt VR Isobel (ladies) Jersey

isobel 1


More often than not new clothing comes in from season to season, typically with a few extra features that may or may not have a dramatic effect on its performance and with some minor design changes very much in keeping with a particular brand. Because of this (again) on most occasions when out in a new jersey for example, it goes un-noticed.


Regular readers will know we have always favoured Shutt VR products in previous views so when we received the new Isobel Ladies Jersey in the post our female testers started to get excited.

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REVIEW: Actif 6.0 handbuilt wheels

actif wheels 1


What’s more exciting (bike wise) than a new set of wheels? Aside of getting a whole new bike, a new set of seep section wheels is probably the most desired upgrade and as a result the ‘which wheels should I buy?’ is probably the most contested post on cycling club facebook pages across the country.


So when our friends over at Baldwin Titanium Bikes gave us a call inviting us to come over and test their new ‘Actif’ range of wheels we jumped at the chance.

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