Bike Eat Drink – One of our favourite restaurants expands for us cyclists : )

bed 2


One of our very favourite restaurants, Bed (in Harrogate) is opening its doors during the day at weekends to accommodate us pesky cycling folk that demand good food at either a mid ride cafe stop, pre ride fuel up or post ride recover. Owner Dave Burns not only makes some of the very best local food, he also turns a mighty fine pedal both on and off road so you’ll be hard pressed to find a better host.

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Eat Cycling? Drink Cycling? Listen Cycling



Podcasts can be a little like blogs – they kick off with great intentions but rapidly fall victim to a lack of time, commitment or resources.  Like blogs, some stand the test of time and become go-to places for information, entertainment and analysis (Inner Ring we’re looking at you).  Here are some cycling podcasts to take a listen to.  You’ll typically be able to find them via iTunes or Soundcloud.  Dedicated Android access can be less consistent.

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