Get Safe!



With cycling fast becoming the ‘go to’ social activity for families as well as the chosen way of commuting for many professionals, our roads are seeing more new and perhaps less savvy cyclists than ever. Whilst most of us lay claim to being able to ride a bike well enough, there’s a side to all this that is often secondary or often an after thought – Safety.

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Bike Eat Drink – One of our favourite restaurants expands for us cyclists : )

bed 2


One of our very favourite restaurants, Bed (in Harrogate) is opening its doors during the day at weekends to accommodate us pesky cycling folk that demand good food at either a mid ride cafe stop, pre ride fuel up or post ride recover. Owner Dave Burns not only makes some of the very best local food, he also turns a mighty fine pedal both on and off road so you’ll be hard pressed to find a better host.

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Eat Cycling? Drink Cycling? Listen Cycling



Podcasts can be a little like blogs – they kick off with great intentions but rapidly fall victim to a lack of time, commitment or resources.  Like blogs, some stand the test of time and become go-to places for information, entertainment and analysis (Inner Ring we’re looking at you).  Here are some cycling podcasts to take a listen to.  You’ll typically be able to find them via iTunes or Soundcloud.  Dedicated Android access can be less consistent.

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Yorkshire lasses take to two wheels

Yorkshire Lass 1


One of the region’s only all-female cycling clubs has been launched in Wetherby by three Yorkshire lasses with 68 women signing up to join in just a week!


Kate Horsfall of Wetherby, Judith Worrall of Thirsk and Sarah Cave of Harrogate decided to form their own club, supported by All Terrain Cycles, in response to the growing popularity of women’s cycling.

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Cycling Cafe in Thirsk

cafe 1


Whilst the Tour may have been and gone from our region in 2014 there are no signs of the cycling buzz slowing down (here at least). As result there are more and more cycling themed cafes opening up, places where it’s acceptable to be sat in lycra and where piling your bikes up outside isn’t treated with the sort of contempt usually saved for vandalism!

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