Yorkshire Velo Tours

It’s pretty obvious from this blog that we’re big fans of cycling, and in North Yorkshire especially.  But there are times  when we need to come out of our comfort zones and explore new areas, and when you’re doing that there’s nothing like having local knowledge to get you around.  And when that local knowledge also includes full mechanical support and a team of terrific ride leaders you know you’re on to a winner.

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Indoor Training with Power in North Yorkshire

For some people, riding a bike is a means to get fit. For others, fitness is a  consequence of doing what you love.
Most of us probably sit somewhere on a line between the two that fluctuates depending on the favorability of time and weather. Much as we love Yorkshire cycling, even we have to admit that the Tour visited over a particularly great weekend and that there are cold, wet days and dark damp evenings in which we’d much rather be inside, albeit still on a bike.


Hard at work

Hard at work

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Eat Cycling? Drink Cycling? Listen Cycling



Podcasts can be a little like blogs – they kick off with great intentions but rapidly fall victim to a lack of time, commitment or resources.  Like blogs, some stand the test of time and become go-to places for information, entertainment and analysis (Inner Ring we’re looking at you).  Here are some cycling podcasts to take a listen to.  You’ll typically be able to find them via iTunes or Soundcloud.  Dedicated Android access can be less consistent.

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REVIEW: Ay-Up lights. How the Aussies do it!



Bike lights. Let’s be honest, they hardly feature high up on your list of kit you want to buy. In fact for us at least they are firmly on the list of things you ‘need’ rather than things you ‘want’ and not in the same way that you ‘need’ a new Colnago!!  However we need to put a small caveat in there as about 3 years ago we came across Ay-Up lights whilst out on a ride with some friends and these Australian beauties have remained elusive to us until now, but very much on our ‘want’ list.

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REVIEW: More great lights from Knog



Regular readers of our blog and reviews will know we are huge fans of the Australian brand Knog. For years they’ve been providing simple yet highly effective products all wrapped up in quirky but highly effective designs.


Last year we reviewed the Blinder Road 2 and Road R lights and we loved them. In fact the Blinder R remains our favourite rear light of them all.


So naturally we were keen to get our hands on some of the newer products in the range and this year we’ve got the Blinder Road 3, Blinder Arc 1.7 and Blinder Arc 5.5 in for review. So let’s get cracking starting with the Road 3.

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REVIEW: Ox Pasture Hall – Scarborough

ox pasture hall 1


Here at North Yorkshire Cycling we have to admit that we probably spend the lion’s share of our riding time in the Yorkshire Dales purely because of convenience and the constraints of work week to week. So when the guys over at Ox Pasture Hall just outside of Scarborough invited us to come and stay a night in their luxury 4 start country house hotel we took it as a chance to do some more exploring over by the coast.

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REVIEW: Shutt VR Isobel (ladies) Jersey

isobel 1


More often than not new clothing comes in from season to season, typically with a few extra features that may or may not have a dramatic effect on its performance and with some minor design changes very much in keeping with a particular brand. Because of this (again) on most occasions when out in a new jersey for example, it goes un-noticed.


Regular readers will know we have always favoured Shutt VR products in previous views so when we received the new Isobel Ladies Jersey in the post our female testers started to get excited.

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REVIEW: Actif 6.0 handbuilt wheels

actif wheels 1


What’s more exciting (bike wise) than a new set of wheels? Aside of getting a whole new bike, a new set of seep section wheels is probably the most desired upgrade and as a result the ‘which wheels should I buy?’ is probably the most contested post on cycling club facebook pages across the country.


So when our friends over at Baldwin Titanium Bikes gave us a call inviting us to come over and test their new ‘Actif’ range of wheels we jumped at the chance.

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