Eat Cycling? Drink Cycling? Listen Cycling



Podcasts can be a little like blogs – they kick off with great intentions but rapidly fall victim to a lack of time, commitment or resources.  Like blogs, some stand the test of time and become go-to places for information, entertainment and analysis (Inner Ring we’re looking at you).  Here are some cycling podcasts to take a listen to.  You’ll typically be able to find them via iTunes or Soundcloud.  Dedicated Android access can be less consistent.


The Cycling Podcast

Richard Moore, Daniel Friebe and Lionel Bernie are without a doubt the holy trinity of road race podcasting, especially now that they’ve got over the terrible production values that plagued them in the past.  Their weekly insider access to the biggest names in cycling coupled with unrivaled reporting experience make them our first choice listen and we wait with baited breath to see what their weekly output brings.  They also report daily during grand tours and have ‘Friends of the Podcast’ specials that thus far have included Team Sky and The Classics.  These are only available to premium members but are well worth forking out the £6 yearly subscription fee for.



The one time Eurosport podcast is now wholly under the control of its production team and is available in various paid for forms including a £7.99 a month subscription package that includes a weekly news show, one off interviews and ‘This Week in Cycling History’ – a meticulously researched essay about great moments from days gone by.  They also provide daily content from all of the major tours.  Whilst its presenters do not have the insider privileges that the Cycling Podcast guys possess, nor are they limited by the obligations in tact and diplomacy these necessitate so some great opinion and insight. There’s also a free daily show and the occasional sample.


SBS Cycling Central

If your frustration with British podcasts includes a tendency to focus on Dave B’s gang then fear not – SBS Cycling Central from our friends on the other side of the world take time to dwell on Orica Green Edge as well (unless Richie Porte is on a roll, in which case they’re as Sky focused as the rest of them).  Sitting somewhere between the last two entries, there’s a mixture of journalistic insight and blunt antipodean assessment for 45 minutes or so every Thursday


Others (may be active, may activate later in the season, may never come back)


Real Peloton “Cycling banter at its best with Matthew Rendell and Ned Boulting”. Hasn’t appeared for a while and may well not now that Ned’s increasingly popping up on the cycling podcast.  Production values are terrible (it sounds like it’s recorded on an iphone that may or may not still be in the producer’s pocket) but when it’s Matt and Ned you know it’s worth listening to anyway. We’d give you the address but part of the fun is finding it.


Team Sky Podcast “Team Sky bring you the inside track throughout the season from the professional cycling team.”. Yes, it’s the Sky PR machine on full tilt but the production values are good and you get to hear about the one team most of us know more than two riders in.


BeSpoke BBC Radio 5 Live’s monthly cycling magazine show – a great place for beginners to start and  unrivaled access to the biggest names. Rob Hayles pops up a fair bit too and that’s never a bad thing.


Rouleur Everyone’s favourite lifestyle cycling mag has its own podcast.  Worth taking a listen if you enjoy the aesthetics of life as a MAMIL.


Want us to add more? Tweet us a link to @yorkshirecyclin (yes, the g’s missing) and we’ll take a listen.