Have you joined the revolution yet?





Three cyclists have launched a range of cycle-wear to encourage people whatever their weight or fitness abilities to take to the road without feeling uncomfortable in unflattering and tight-fitting clothing.


The company – Fat Lad At The Back – has designed garments that look as good on larger sizes as they do on people the size of Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome.


More and more middle aged men in Lycra (MAMIL’s) are taking to their bikes, but with   an average UK male waist size of 38″ it’s not easy to find garments that fit you well and make you look good. As I know from experience skin-tight Lycra is off-putting when you’re carrying extra pounds. No wonder “normal” men and women can feel a bit hesitant about getting on a bike and riding out in public.” said MD Richard Bye.


Richard came up with the idea of launching the clothing range after a cycling trip with two friends to the French Alps. “We have all been keen cyclist for years and like the majority of people, work and family commitments plus a liking for the wrong food and drinks mean that at some time or another we have each struggled with our weight and fitness. A scheduled trip to the Alps, which we would have to train for, was just what we needed to keep us all motivated.”


The weekend included cycling Alpe d’Huez, Col de la Croix de Fer, Télégraphe and Galibier, four of the steepest climbs in the Tour de France and the three friends were joking about who was going to be last up the hills. In cycling events the last man is often referred to as the ‘Lantern Rouge’ and wears a red or black jersey. The friends thought that a humorous Yorkshire equivalent would be a jersey printed with FAT LAD AT THE BACK. The idea escalated when they realised that they had identified a gap in the market.


Richard is quick to point out that the brand is not belittling Fat Lads. Quite the opposite he says, “We are giving people something to belong to.  I have been the Fat Lad At The Back for much of the last 15 years, getting fit has been a real battle and keeping fit is an on-going struggle. Fat Lad At The Back celebrates the effort that I and others like me put in. We will never be skinny and we will never be first, but we are winning just by having a go. Fat lads out there need to know that they are not alone, hence our motto, Join us and be proud.


Gary Verity, Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, said: “It’s great to see an imaginative Yorkshire businesses like this coming to the fore to help open up cycling to a wider audience and potentially increase participation. This is especially important given the Tour de France rides into our county next July and we hope that it will leave a lasting legacy for years to come.”


The clothing is available in up to 58″ chest and the company has plans to extend the range into women’s wear and other sports and is already building a community of Lads and Lasses, entering group cycling, running, obstacle and triathlon events.


Want to know more? Then visit their website: http://fatladattheback.com/