RIDE REVIEW -The Wolds 123

wolds image


Let’s start this ride report at the end. Why? Well I’d say the last few miles of the Wolds 123 are just about as good as it gets for a sportive ending. The mild tail wind flattering us a little but the steady inclines do nothing to reduce us to anything below 20mph and with two separate sections that have no trouble spitting you out at well over 40mph, this is a great end to a great day in the saddle.

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Ride report – Virgin Money Cyclone sportive



This story starts way back in 2012 on the same ride and about 45 miles or so in to what would eventually be a very long and ‘character building’ day. Poor pre ride nutrition and a pace far too hot to maintain resulted in the worst cramps I’ve experienced both before and since. Quads, Hams, Calves all painfully cramped on both legs to the point of seeing ‘worms’ constantly wriggling under the skin. Couldn’t stand, couldn’t sit, and with 60 miles of challenging terrain still left to navigate. Whilst the route that day left a positive impression on me, the experience didn’t so ever since then I’ve vowed to go back and give it another go.

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Ride Report – Colomba Chemo Classic



In the interest of appealing to our many female followers and users we thought we would hand over the reigns to Liz Annetts, a very good friend of North Yorkshire Cycling for this one…………


Whilst I’d heard of the Colomba Chemo Classic sportive I’d only heard some of the guys at our club talking about it so despite not really knowing too much I’d already come to the conclusion it must be a pretty hard ride to tackle at the end of the season. So when the Ladies first mentioned the idea of riding it I looked on the website and whilst I knew the distance wouldn’t worry me too much, the amount of climbing would be beyond my capability.  However after much persuasion I finally let myself be talked into registering and my motto for the day became “It’s better to finish last, than never to have the courage to start”.


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