Tour Fever Returns


With the Tour De France seemingly a long distant memory, Cycling in our glorious region seems just as strong if not stronger than ever before. The roads are filling up with cyclists of all ages and life is just happier and more harmonious as a result – ok that last bit might be in our heads : )


Excitement however is definitely building, and with good reason too. It’s almost Tour De Yorkshire time. Yes, over the 29th/30th April & 1st May, our roads will once again be a playground for the worlds cycling elite, and as ever you can not only expect the finest and most thrilling bike racing, but also roads lined with spectators of all ages and from all works of life. Cycling it seems is one sport that brings communities together.


So you want to know more? Well fortunately we have more. YES YES YES we have the perfect route guide for you kindly sent to us from our friends over at so click here to find out everything you need to know.